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Just west of Rittenhouse Square lies Fitler Square. A fine city neighborhood of townhomes and Brownstone Condos, many cobblestone streets, and two gracious parks make this area very appealing to many home seekers in Center City. When walking the streets, one can still experience the areas European charm…quite like a small quaint town within a bustling city.


The name "Fitler Square" is also used to describe the neighborhood surrounding the square, bounded roughly by 21st Street on the east, the Schuylkill on the west, Locust Street on the north, and South Street on the south. To the east of this neighborhood is the Rittenhouse Square neighborhood; to the west is the neighborhood of University City, home to the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University; to the south is Southwest Center City (also known as "South of South" or the "Graduate Hospital area"). The portion of Center City surrounding Fitler Square and nearby Rittenhouse Square is sometimes referred to as "Rit-Fit" after the two parks. A second nickname, "Fittenhouse Square", was coined by local comedian Niraj Shanbhag during the 1990s.

fitler-sq park

Today the neighborhood is mostly residential and composed of single-family homes, and it is within a short walk of the commercial areas of Center City. 


Neighborhood Highlights

  • Tree filled park is surrounded by trendy shops, fine dining, luxury apartments, and five star hotels
  • Rittenhouse Park is one of the most popular places in the city for parents with small children and relaxing young professionals to enjoy the outdoors
  • Amazing brownstone homes date back to the early 1800’s